Unfortunately, the szekely's sacrifices during the history and the szekely's in 2017 are treated like a "historical used toy".


As we mentioned many times the szekely people during there long history did served the Hungarian nation and defended Europe, paying with the highest price, the szekely blood. The szekely's never asked for anything special, due our services but we did got rewarded, sometimes in our benefit but mostly to our peril. Starting in the 1840's, we were striped of our national identity, our land and our legal right to be szekely's. Even today, we have no freedom but strangely, we are "fighting" and support other nations right to be free.

In that note, today we would like to be recognized once again as a independent nation, a nation with our own land Szekelyland were the estimated szekely population it is about 750,000 people, according to the international laws we do have this right. We choose a peaceful road in our quest. Sadly, we have many enemies, some our own but mostly the Romanian sovinistic government. This country(Romania)being part of the EU were all nations(supposedly) are respected, systematically destroys the rights of the szekely people, whom native language it is hungarian.

 We are a small nation and very fragile, that's why we ask the international community (in the first place Hungary), the help us on our quest to achieve our legal status as a nation and our fight for our freedom. The American Government did asked many times the Romanian Government to resolve the szekely's issue, that request has being ignored by the Romanians.It came a time when we feel strongly about our national identity and we refuse to be annihilated by any other nation and we will fight for our national identity, like our ancestors did for hundreds and thousands of years.