,,ECHO-VISSZHANG,, The Szekely's World Organization event in Budapest


We will gather in front of the Romanian Embassy in Budapest starting at 11:00 am local time, on June 27, 2017. The Szekely's World Organization will deliver a petition asking the Romanian Government to declare the Szekely people of Romania as an indigenous population with a majority living in the center of Romania named Szekelyland.

After that, we will march from that location to the Heroes Square (Hősök tere) were politicians, representatives of various non-profit organizations, and some of the speakers, that asked for the Romanian dictator's resignation in 1988, will be present. This march is called "VISSZHANG"(Echo) representing the request for the Szekely's voices to be heard again.
Also, we would like to send a message to the Hungarian government to stop supporting the leftist Hungarian parties in Romania, who are selling out the Hungarian speaking Szekely population. Music, crafts, and a good time will end the march. If anybody would like to help, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

In order for this event to be successful please, help by donating on our website (https://www.szekelyekvilagszovetsege.com/l/echo-visszhang-the-szekelys-world-organization-event-in-budapest/).
Thank you!